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ICE benefits 2 million people

Country Pakistan
Date June 2015
Description   Placing 7200 Tons of sheet piles
Equipment 2x ICE 815C with 600PP power pack
New Kanki Barrage
The hardships of Mr. Arshad Ahmad, a trolley-puller whose family has been pulling ropes, for two generations at the 120-year-old Khanki Headworks, are expected to lessen in three years when he will get a new assignment after the existing obsolete infrastructure is demolished and New Khanki Barrage is constructed with an estimated cost of Rs24 billion. 

Old Khanki Barrage

Arshad Ahmad and his two-dozen colleagues who are working in low pay scale are manually operating British-era shutters that were placed to divert water from the Chenab River to Lower Chenab Canal aimed at ensuring water supplies for irrigations for the fertile districts of central Punjab.
At present, they are opening and closing as many as 962 shutters by using manually operated trolley over the bridge and boat in the river to pull the shutters. It takes two to three days to change the positions of all the shutters.
Once the New Khanki Barrage is constructed in a span of three years, the task will be performed by just pressing a button from the control room.
Arshad and his colleagues will not lose their jobs as they will be assigned new tasks since the PID is short of labour, said Syed Mahmood-ul-Hasan, the chief engineer at Punjab Irrigation Department (PID), and the Project Director of the new barrage project.
Hassan said the primary beneficiaries of the project will be about 568,000 farming families in the Lower Chenab Canal command area who will be assured of reliable irrigation supplies and about two million people will directly and indirectly benefit from the project

New panorama of Khanki Barrage May 2015
Some data about the new Kanki Barrage:
Some data about the Descon Vibratory Hammers used:

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ICE benefits 2 million people

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